Look, Keo 2 Max Carbon, Pedals

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There’s a good reason why Look’s Keo 2 Max Carbon Road Pedals are a favorite among today’s pros. As one of the widest clipless pedals out there, the Keo 2 Max offers a stiff platform and maximum power transfer from your feet to the drivetrain. For the new Keo 2 Max, Look increased the platform width to 57mm, without sacrificing the pedal’s cornering ability. With a narrower bottom than the original Keo design, the Keo 2 Max offers superb cornering clearance. And to create a more durable pedal than the original version, Look placed a stainless steel wear plate at the center of the carbon pedal. Look also redesigned the axles for the Keo 2 Max, increasing the diameter to 12mm on the crank side for added stiffness, and it kept the stack height low at 15.7mm. Finally, with two roller bearings on the crank side, and a needle bearing on the outside of the spindle, the Keo 2 Max guarantees to run smooth year in and year out.

  • Injected carbon fiber (body) and stainless steel (wear plate and axle)
  • Increased platform width to 57mm
  • New stainless steel wear plate
  • Increased spindle diameter to 12mm
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