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We see our bikes as fun tools, not toys. Riding a Cleary Bike is truly a joyful experience; they roll smoothly, they’re quiet and they look sleek. But most of all, Cleary Bikes are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and therefore, much safer for your child. Kids know the difference because the quality that distinguishes a Cleary Bike is evident in every facet of the construction and can be felt in every pedal.

Let us break it down for you …

A typical five-year-old boy weighs about 45 pounds. A typical department store 16" single speed bicycle weighs around 30 pounds. That's 66% of your five-year-old’s body weight! That would translate into a 150-pound Tour de France bike racer pedaling a 99-pound bike! Ridiculous, right? But in actuality, professional cyclists ride bikes weighing about 16 pounds, around 10% of their body weight.


Cleary Bikes Lifetime Warranty

Our bikes are no less durable because they are light. In fact, Cleary Bikes are high-quality bicycles meant for riding and will stand up to the most demanding of adventures. The Cleary Bikes Lifetime Warranty stands behind each of our bikes for as long as you ride it. Meaning, the original purchaser has a Lifetime Warranty against any and all manufacturer's defects on the bikes. Go ride hard. We will be here if something goes wrong. We promise.

Cleary Bikes were designed from the ground up to be the best bike you can get your child. We offer a Lifetime Warranty because we are confident our bikes will work well for as long as your family rides it. No other company comes close to that guarantee because no other company makes bikes like ours.

We make every one of our lightweight childrens bikes to be fully enjoyed, ridden hard and then handed down to the next lucky sibling, friend or charity. If you do find your Cleary bicycle needs a little something new, like a longer stem after a growth spurt, a new seat after a trunk guillotine incident, riser bars, wider bars or a different freewheel gear; you can get them directly from us here on our site, or at your local shop

Spoiler Alert: You can't do that with a department store bike.


The Many Advantages Of Cleary Bikes

One of the many advantages to owning a Cleary Bike is that the rider’s weight is evenly distributed between the hands, feet and seat. The bike feels safe and maneuverable because it is. All of our innovative bicycles come with front and rear hand brakes. Every frame has a protective sealant under its lead-free paint to prevent dents, dings and rust. Our fun and colorful Cleary seats don't rattle or flop around; they clamp securely down with a bolt.

The Gecko, Hedgehog and Owl lightweight kids bikes have no derailleurs, so nothing will block the chain because the chain always turns in alignment. To put it simply, Cleary Bikes ride smoothly and silently day after day after day; we guarantee it.


Why Our Balance Bikes Are Different

Balance bikes, or scoot bikes, are bicycles made without pedals designed for little, little kids just learning how to balance on two wheels. With our focus on creating the best lightweight kids bikes available, we understand that learning to balance is a crucial step to success. But when we researched what was out there and listened to what parents were looking for in balance bikes, we discovered they generally do not come with brakes.

When riding a bicycle, we think it's important that children be able to stop. Learning and mastering the function of braking is just as crucial to riding a bike as balancing is, which is why the Cleary Starfish 12" Balance Bike is made with brakes.



Transporting Cleary Bikes Is Easy

Cleary Bikes are easy on the support crew... you. Traveling with Cleary Bikes is simple because you can easily remove the front wheels with a basic 5mm Allen wrench. Then with the front wheel off, you can fit our lightweight Starfish bike in a suitcase. All of our Cleary Bikes fit fork-mounted racks, and every part is a real bike part so maintenance is a snap.

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